History of alternative energy: Fireplace

As it has already been told numerous times before by different researchers, various technical objects of the past have often become misused or misunderstood due to a lack of corresponding knowledge. Such objects often...

Industrial expositions. What mysteries did they take away with them ?

Industrial expositions of the past years are a great mystery, which is almost never covered by mass media, although plenty of information about them has survived. Extant photo-albums of those expositions are not just...

Megaliths speak: Part 1

The balance between progressive thinking and conservatism is very fragile and unstable. Finding the "golden mean" between them is not easy, but vital. Leaning towards one or the other direction is fraught with irreversible...

False modernization of railroads: Part 1

Russian railroads are one of the biggest mysteries of the past. Old historic materials reveal the scale of falsification that surrounds railroads' history and history of the whole Russian Empire.The topic of Russian Empire's...

Forgotten scientists – Schwabe and Ruhmkorff.

History of the Russian Empire knows many German descendants, even not counting the “Romanov dynasty”. Some of them brought benefit to the country, while some were just parasites. Unfortunately, we tend to remember only...

History of alternative energy. Healthcare.

Healthcare of the late 19th century was one of the branches where free energy was used prevalently. It was mainly due to the fact that medical facilities of that time had budget financing, which...

Megaliths speak: Part 2

It would be right to start with the terminology, as it is customary among educated people. However, taking into account that this publication is not completely scientific, I can allow myself some deviations from...

Mysterious illuminations of the 18-19 centuries

In this article we are going to look closely into Illuminations – fancy entertaining events, held in past times during various celebrations. Such illuminations have been around for a long time, but it turns...

Science fiction, or not?

The nineteenth century is so rich in secrets that respected science fiction writers of the 20th century should rather have looked into the past. But this knowledge was unavailable for an ordinary man at...

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