Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar

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We will continue in this article to consider the technological processes that make up the DNA molecule during its formation in human saliva. Our DNA molecule is a quantum microcrystalline liquid-saliva (we found out in the previous article "The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary through DNA"), in which the individual image / appearance of one type of person out of 20 types / characters is imprinted / sealed (in the Maya tribe, below).

Fig. 1 The Maya tribe

A quantum liquid is a liquid whose properties are determined by quantum effects: superfluidity, superconductivity, at normal pressure up to absolute zero remain liquids, and do not turn into crystals, etc. (from quantum physics).

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig. 1 The Maya tribe

Wikipedia says under this picture: "The Mayan queen performs a religious rite of self—torture - passes a rope through the tongue." I believe that nonsense is written to distract attention, and I interpret this drawing through images as follows: the Maya tribe shows us figuratively that the DNA strand is woven in saliva or saliva.

The Maya have been writing about the "seals of the Sun" for a long time and a lot, but I will try to consider them in other aspects other than writing the generally accepted and existing in a variety of information on the Internet. About the "seals of the Sun" of the Maya tribe, not everything is known and considered, I will supplement the information that I have not met anywhere on the Internet and which is exclusively my thoughts and reflections.

Studying 20 types/characters of a person from the Maya tribe, the immaculate conception of DNA and the chemical elements included in DNA, I come to the conclusion that the character / type of a person is given to us by nature not from parents, namely from the immaculate conception of the DNA molecule. And it depends on which and on which day / night 1-one main amino acid, consisting of 3 seals, will seal us in DNA in the literal sense of the word the Sun during the day or the Moon at night.

Do not worry, dear readers, we will not hit chemistry with formulas)), but, if necessary, we will have to refer to it in this article, because we all generally consist of chemicals and our DNA molecule in particular. At the same time, I will try to explain everything in my non-chemical words for everyone's understanding, because there are probably few chemists and geneticists among us here. Yes, I am far from a geneticist myself, so - may certified chemists, geneticists and even programmers forgive me for amateurism.

Triad, Triplet, 3 Girls, Holy Trinity, DNA Code

Let us begin our consideration with the image of the Holy Trinity in multiple Christian works. All ancient icons, frescoes, paintings almost always depict three heroes who are 3 images for human thinking, and are not people. What are images and how to handle them, I have already told you earlier in the article "The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary through DNA". In the old days, any icon was affectionately called an "icon", because all of them were imprinted with some images for our thinking. Obrazok — obrazochek, icon, image (Dictionary of Russian synonyms: obrazok is a diminutive of "image").

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.2 The Holy Trinity in Orthodoxy on an icon and a chalice with a human face inside

Pay attention to the bowl on the icon Fig.2: inside the bowl there is a human face - an image that symbolizes the individuality of each of us. This icon does not depict people, but images of 3 nucleotides in 1 amino acid (chemical substance) from biology, which we all created chemically and which are involved in the direct process of formation of a human DNA molecule. That's why they are idolized, worshipping them, only you and I are being led by the nose again, telling us that these are holy people depicted. Although they are 3 holy chemical elements, individual for each person/person individually, and not people at all.

Below we will have to turn to biology, its molecular part, the work of computers and programming very briefly, in 2 words.

1 amino acid in a DNA molecule consists of 3 nucleotides (chemicals) that are arranged in a row in the molecule. Nucleotides are repetitive chemical material blocks, each of which consists of a nitrogenous base, sugar and a phosphate group. Nucleotides are chemical elements, substances.

From biology

The genetic information is encoded in the nucleotide sequence of DNA.

Properties of the DNA molecule code:

  • The genetic code of DNA is triplet, i.e. the code consists of amino acids, which, in turn, consist of triplets, and triplets - of 3 nucleotides each. That is, the code, literally, is woven from 3 components: 3 nucleotides in 1-one amino acid.
  • The genetic code of DNA is specific: 1 triplet encodes 1 amino acid from 3 nucleotides.
Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.3 Forms of the DNA helix

Our DNA molecule has, under normal conditions, the properties of an ordinary classical computer, working on the microcrystalline liquid of the DNA molecule, is our access to the spatial information network-the Internet through images (article "The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary through DNA"). We need to think figuratively, then these images in space will get into this information network and come back to us with an answer to the same thoughts (such as an answer in Google to the requested questions). Then, having received the answer mentally, you will be able to exclaim: "Eureka!", "I got it!"

At the same time, an ordinary classical computer on a 3-element motherboard has a principle in its work: to perceive signals 0 or 1 alternately. An example of using keys on a computer keyboard: through the "shift" key, you alternately press the same key, for example, with the number "5" and the same key with percentages "%" - alternately - or / or. The same principle works with ways of thinking through the DNA molecule.

But in the conditions of technical processes LION / Fire/Sun/Moon and Bull/Lamb/Aries/Water (article "The relationship of DNA with natural information carriers and ancient symbols") with certain technologies, the DNA molecule takes on the properties of a quantum computer already - to perceive signals 0 and 1 simultaneously. And these are the principles of signals 0, 1 from the science of "programming", as well as from the Revelation of John the Theologian - 7 seals of the apocalypse. And that's when a person turns on other, quantum properties of the DNA molecule and there are opportunities and abilities that we call magical and cannot explain them, such as:

  • clairvoyance-divination, like Vanga and Edgar Cayce;
  • levitation - overcoming gravity, in which a subject or object floats in space (levitates) without touching the surface of a solid or liquid support;
  • quantum teleportation - instantaneous movement of a person in space;
  • transition to other dimensions;
  • telepathy - reading thoughts at a distance, like Wolf Messing;
  • telekinesis is the ability of a person to influence physical objects with just an effort of thought;
  • extrasensory, ESP, extrasensory (from Latin extra "over, out" + sensus "feeling") -a term used for many paranormal forms of perception or human abilities;
  • bio-healing with hands, like Juna's, etc.
Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.4 Levitation
Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.5 Quantum teleportation
Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.6 Telekinesis

Let's consider another icon depicting the image of the Holy Trinity in Fig. 7.

Please note: at the bottom of the icon Fig.7, under the Holy Trinity image, a Bull is depicted-the image of Water and on the left, God the Father-the Sun is the image of Fire in the technological processes of creating a DNA molecule with solar and lunar radiation. At the bottom right of the icon Fig.3, a woman kneads dough - this is the image of the material for the creation of man in Christianity - the image of light - particles of solar radiation. Then they feed us with a similar test in churches and temples at Easter - like communion. And for what? To particles of light from radiation. Only for communion with the particles of light, it is not necessary to eat this dough in temples, but to use these technological processes for the capabilities of our DNA, then we really and actually partake of the light (this is a physical necessity, because we consist of particles of light).

That is, here on these icons in the image of 3 chemicals-nucleotides and a Bull/Water with God the Father/the Sun figuratively depicts two technological processes (so far without technology) using solar or lunar radiation to create a DNA molecule from an image-test of 3 holy elements in 1-one amino acid, imprinted for each person /person individually with 3 maternal seals (or a motherboard in a computer, there a similar technological process occurs from fire-electricity).

The same DNA strands are figuratively woven in our Russian folk tales by various heroines-usually 3 women - 3 girls under the window, for example, in Pushkin's fairy tale "About Tsar Saltan ...".

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.8 "Three girls under the window were spinning late in the evening" in our Russian fairy tales

3 goddesses of the present, past and future

Various ancient fairy-tale paintings figuratively depict the same triplet / triad of 3 nucleotides, from which the strands of our DNA are biologically spun. For example, Fig. 9 and Fig.10 depict Moira Parks- Goddesses of Fate, also weaving DNA strands.

In ancient Greek, "moira" is translated as "part", "share", "fate", which each of us receives at birth with an inscription / seals individually, that is, each of us has his/her own. A DNA molecule consists of 2 or 3-stranded strands-parts, lobes, by which you can determine your fate, destiny.

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.9 Moira-the goddess of Fate from ancient Greek mythology
Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig. 10 Three moira. Marco Bijo. Approx. 1525. Palazzo Barberini National Gallery of Ancient Art

In the picture fig.10, in the images, except for 3 Goddesses, are depicted: children - flowers of life - DNA molecules, Water/A pond in the background, a red cloth - the image of the Sun - technical processes; the Tree of Life. It also depicts scissors in the hands of Moira, death with a scythe, a spindle, a small spinning wheel in her hands - attributes of Moira Goddesses.

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  1. Clotho (in Greek-spinning) is a goddess who spins (the thread of life), figuratively weaves the thread of fate from everything that falls into her hands. It symbolizes the present and embodies the steady and calm action of fate (attribute-image-spindle).
  2. Lachesis (in Greek. - fate, which gives lots) - the goddess who determines fate. Lachesis is watching the birth. She symbolizes the past and, without looking, figuratively weaves the threads of the destinies of different people together, i.e., personifies the accidents of fate (attribute-image - spinning wheel).
  3. Atropos / Atropa /Aisa (in Greek - an inescapable, inexorable, inescapable fate (death). The goddess cutting the thread, i.e., personifying the inevitability of her decisions (fate) in the future (attribute-image - scissors, death with a scythe). On the left in Fig.10, a wooden sign with the letter "t" - "brand" - a stamp-seal is shown in the reeds. Since you and I are still people, not cattle (for her "brand"), for people they use the word "seal", "sealed", "imprinted" in the images in this Figure 10, but actually in the DNA molecule.

Triad-triplet-trinity of Goddesses-Moir figuratively represent one main amino acid in the DNA molecule, which consists of 3 nucleotides- chemical elements shown in the center of the Egyptian tablet of Isis (details about the tablet of Isis in the article "The relationship of DNA with natural information carriers and ancient symbols"): 1 strand is a nucleotide for the present, 1 for the past and 1 for the future.

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.11 Decoding of the Egyptian tablet of Isis

This is the main amino acid (out of 20 pieces) each person/person has the holy Trinity, which is individual and different from others, i.e., it consists of 3 different chemical elements - nucleotides for each of the 20 types of people. It is she who is the main and main one for everyone, and I called her the maternal triad, from which the Moirs weave threads in the DNA molecule. Named in the image and likeness of 3 computer elements in the motherboard. Plus, in the center of the tablet of Isis, 4 more elements (fire, water, air, earth) in two triangles are added to these 3 maternal nucleotides in the 1st amino acid.

In total, it turns out: 7 triads / triplets / triplexes (7 pieces of triads with 7 elements) are 7 seals of the apocalypse (3 seals of the Holy Trinity + 4 seals of natural elements) described in the Revelation of John the Theologian).

The Holy Trinity and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar

And it seems that it was this one main individual amino acid from the 3 maternal elements that the Maya tribe "sealed" with the Sun and they called it the "seal of the Sun". But I will not name the 3 maternal elements of the Maya so as not to confuse readers. I will call them "color pictures" on Mayan calendars-on the left circle of Fig.12. Rather, the Sun or the Moon itself literally sealed 1 main amino acid into the human DNA molecule with its electromagnetic radiation, but the Maya tribe brought to us the image of the "seal of the Sun" in their calendars-civil Haab in 18980 days = 52 days * 365dn and in the ritual calendar-Tsolkin in 260 days = 13dn * 20 seals/amino acids. Every day / person / person of the Maya tribe has its own character and name – the Solar / Lunar Seal.

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.12 Maya calendars: Tsolkin-ritual and Haab-civil (names from the Maya tribe

On the Maya calendar Tsolkin (called by the Maya "ritual"), in Fig.12 on the left, 20 colored pictures are depicted in a circle - these are 20 amino acids in human DNA (20 "solar seals" according to Maya) from biology, each of which is one "Mayan solar seal" of one person /person born on a certain day and hour (shown by one color picture in a circle).

And on the right calendar-HAAB (called by the Maya "civil") in the central circle in Fig. 12 of the color pictures, 4 more color elements are depicted that take part in the formation of the DNA molecule: water, fire, air, earth. I.e., in the very center of the calendar, for example, today is the current day portrayed by a yellow dog. At the same time, this yellow dog on the left (1 is one amino acid of one person/person with 3 holy nucleotides) agrees alternately (enters into a chemical bond) with 4 colored elements on the right from the Haab calendar conditionally by a connecting transition between these two calendars.

Below, separately in Fig.13, all the colored pictures from the Maya are shown -each separately for clarity, 20 pcs., and each has 3 curls-images from below - 3 nucleotides in one picture.

As a result, the Maya tribe received the use of 7 seals of the apocalypse (1 Mayan amino acid from 3 elements-curls + 4 natural elements) in their calendars. About the 7 seals of the apocalypse, we need a separate conversation in a separate article, because it is long. But according to the Mayan calendars, we can right now determine the account of the desired birthday of a person / person by dots and lines - special designations of Maya numbers. The recording of numbers is based on the twenty - decimal positional number system:

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig. 14 Maya figures

But here the most important question is how the Maya knew who exactly-what type / character- would be born in the future or was already born in the present, in the past, on a certain day calculated by them according to their calendar. It turns out that on a certain day / night and hour, 1 is literally born / sealed-one of the 20 amino acids with 3 seals (present, past and future) in the DNA molecule.

This means that the properties / type/ character of these amino acids are known not only to the Maya tribe, but also to our chemists-scientists who have long sorted out these amino acids "by the bones" and are silent. Thus, having made the calculation according to the Mayan calendars, we get only from the Mayan tribe the type / character of the person/ persons who was born in the example of 10.05.2023, while not knowing his or her parents and not having genes from them.

Our authorities are also trying to look into our individual past, future and present of each of the people and are already trying to do everything for this. An example of this is the entered biometric passport.

A biometric passport is a state document certifying the identity and citizenship of the owner when crossing the borders of states and staying abroad. A biometric passport differs from a regular one in that it has a special chip embedded in it that contains a photo of the owner, as well as his or her data: surname, first name, patronymic, date of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiration, as well as any additional information about the owner. The standards provide for the possibility of storing special biometric information in the chip, for example, an iris pattern or fingerprints. The difference between a biometric passport and a regular one is the availability of information that is not available to its owner, and the possibility of its remote reading.


The pretext for the introduction of biometric documents was the events of September 11, 2001 in the United States; the idea of the appearance of such documents also appeared in the United States, which had long come to this through geneticists.

Holy Trinity, DNA Code and Biometrics in the Mayan Calendar -
Fig.15 Logo of the biometric passport

In Fig.15 on the logo, I see a seal on a DNA strand.

They also offer to register biometrics on the Internet on our "public services".

Thus, to sum up: it turns out that the character of the person / persons is given to us not from the parents, namely from the immaculate conception of the DNA molecule and the 3 seals sealed in it. And it depends on what and on what day / night 1-one of the main amino acids from the 3 seals will seal us in DNA in the literal sense of the word the Sun during the day or the Moon at night, otherwise, how without the genes of parents for those born on May 10, 2023 in the Maya tribe knew what type / character of face/a person will be born in the same example on May 10, 2023. Therefore, relatives in a particular family often do not understand which of the relatives this or that relative went by nature and are surprised at this, like, we did not have such in the family. And it turns out that this does not apply to the genus, to the genes, at all.

Having a person's biometrics in the form of DNA in your hands, you can calculate a lot about him by the characteristics of amino acids and find out even what he himself does not suspect, for example, what can have an external influence and influence on his holy trinity inside him. And if, knowing this, such an external influence is applied, the person /persons will not be able to understand that some kind of pressure / influence is being exerted on him or her and will not be able to resist it.

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