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Ether Energy Technology Start Up


The principal idea behind this project is resurrection of a technology, which allows electrical energy to be gathered directly from ether. This technology had been used all around the world until it was lost at the beginning of the 20th century due to economic and political reasons. Its application covered all spheres of life, be it complex engineering facilities or just common home appliances. A vivid example of this technology could be found in old temples and churches, which used to exert a positive and healing effect on human body when the right equipment was still there. Besides of equipment, the buildings themselves were made in a unique technological way, which made it possible to transform the surrounding energy of ether into other forms, like sound and light. The historical information which covers the above-mentioned physical effects is very scarce, mainly because it is classified or destroyed. Most of the constructions and artifacts related to this technology have unfortunately faced the same fate.

Nevertheless, temples and churches were only a part of sophisticated energy grids, which were present in most cities on the planet. Plenty of 19th century photos demonstrate various ether energy devices, used for producing and supplying light, heat, water and for other utility needs. While the economically-disadvantaged citizens were bound to use communal or public energy devices, upper class citizens could afford to have personal energy devices, including luxurious items like fireplaces and greenhouses.


The growth of economy caused the ether energy technologies to be adapted for the needs of heavy industry, railway construction and other needs of that time. Later on, at the beginning of the 20th century, for a variety of reasons, the ether technology was completely destroyed and replaced with traditional electrical generators that we know today. Another crucial factor was the change which occurred in scientific circles, which forced the mainstream science to completely disregard any knowledge related to ether and ether related technology.


Business mission

  • To resurrect the lost ether energy technology (EET from now on) by conducting unique scientific research and experiments.
  • To restore old temples/churches and other architectural objects of cultural heritage.
  • To restore old devices, equipment and power grids that utilize EET.

Commercial use:


Upon completion, the projects is supposed to bring income by realizing the following goods and services:


  • Designing and engineering architectural objects that use EET.
  • Ready to use technical devices related to EET.
  • Agricultural goods, produced at facilities that use EET.
  • Intellectual property related to EET knowledge.
  • Excursion tours (including VIP-tours) to restored temples/churches and other similar objects that possess unique healing properties due to EET.

Potential customers/clients:


Private individuals, private and public sector companies, irrespectively of geographical location.


Commercial value:


Due to the fact that such technology as EET has no counterparts on the market, its potential is restrained only by political factors. Currently, no geographical limitations have been identified. Summarizing:


  • EET has no counterparts on the market;
  • The scale of possible EET usage is almost limitless;
  • EET can be deployed worldwide.

Commercial sales and income are expected to reach their full scale approximately in 3 years from the project launch date (though, it’s possible that it will happen sooner).

If you are interested in acquiring the EET startup, contact [email protected].